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Gebesse offers several services which can help your company use the Internet more effectively. Please  with any enquiries.

Web site development and management.

Gebesse can take your web site from an idea to a reality.

We can take over the full day-to-day management of your existing web site for either a single fixed annual fee or on a time-and-materials basis. Package prices vary according to the size of the site and the frequency and volume of updates, but all packages include the following:

  • Updates on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or ad hoc basis. Experience has shown that sites which are updated frequently get more return visitors and are also indexed more often and sometimes ranked higher by major search engines.
  • Copywriting and editing of updates.
  • Monthly submission to major search engines. We use Google Sitemaps to inform Google's crawler about all your pages and to help people discover more of your web pages.
  • Monthly reports on search engine position for various search criteria.
  • Monthly visitor statistics reports.
  • Regular checking for broken links.
  • Domain name subscription management.
  • Liaison with technical support staff at the hosting organisation.
  • Day-to-day management of any site problems reported by visitors.
  • Email newsletter distribution (if required).

Search Engine Optimisation

If you have a web site you want people to be able to find it. There are two ways that potential visitors find out that you have a site Ė someone tells them (it might be you, your advertising or someone who provides a link on another site) or they find you through a search engine. You might be told that you need to be listed with hundreds of search engines, but the table at right shows where more than 99% of visits to all of the sites managed by Gebesse came from during 2015.

Search EnginePercentage
Ask Jeeves0.3%

Industry experience indicates that you can expect about 95% of visits to come from between 15 and 20 engines, and then only if you rank near the top. In reality, only Google, Bing and Yahoo! matter, and we use techniques which are intended to get our sites higher in the list of results at these sites. The fact that more than 98% of our visitors come from these three sites shows that we are doing something right. (Figures are based on more than a million site visitors over 2015.)

Itís not enough to just rely on search engines finding your site by luck or to assume that once you have told them once where to look that they will ever return (or even index your site in the first place). It takes work to get listed, stay listed and appear high enough in the search results to bring in the visitors.

We offer a search engine optimisation package for $1,650 per year which can help to push your web site towards the front of the search engine listings. Included in the price are:

  • Monthly submission to the major search engines. (Many of the smaller engines derive their indexes from Google or Yahoo!.)
  • Monthly reports on search engine positions for various keywords and search criteria, together with suggestions about page changes which may improve visibility.
  • Monthly list of broken links on your site. It doesnít matter how many people find your site if they are discouraged by links which go nowhere.

Email marketing

We can manage email distribution lists and help you to contact the people you do business with. If you have a regular newsletter it can be distributed as either a mail message or as an Acrobat PDF file, and if we manage your web site as well, it can be loaded onto your web site after distribution.

Please note that we do not do spamming, which is the vilest sin on the Internet. We will be the sole arbiters of whether a proposal for a mailout constitutes spam or is a legitimate use of the technology. In general terms, mailouts to customers, suppliers, members of organisations and legitimately acquired prospects would be acceptable, as would media releases to appropriate publications and journalists.

Web site hosting

Gebesse can offer various web hosting packages ranging from a small site on a shared virtual server up to very large sites with dedicated computers. Packages and prices are available on request.

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