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Make sure that you are talking to an ACT! Certified Consultant
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Gebesse can provide training in the effective and efficient use of ACT!. All training is carried out by a fully-qualified ACT! Certified Consultant holding a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Each training session takes about three hours and can accommodate up to four people

The usual format of a training session covers the following areas. The emphasis changes depending on the particular client's needs, but a general overview is given of all areas. Those of particular relevance to that client are treated in depth. As examples, some people are very interested in mail merge but don't care about the diary parts of ACT!, and vice versa.

  1. General overview of what ACT! is and where it came from.
  2. ACT! administration overview - users, backup, database repair and reindexing, creation of new databases, adding and changing fields and layouts. This is not meant to create experts in these matters, just to inform users that these things exist.
  3. Data management - creating and deleting contacts, changing contact details, importing and exporting contact information.
  4. Lookups - how to find what you want to find.
  5. Groups - regular lookups using rules.
  6. Activities - how to use the diary.
  7. Integration with Microsoft Office.
  8. Email - using Outlook or ACT!'s own mail client.
  9. Mail merge - to MS Word or ACT!'s word processor, also mail merge to email and fax.
  10. Reports - standard reports and customisation.
  11. Opportunities - tracking the sales process.
  12. Synchronisation with other locations and computers, and also with hand-held devices.
  13. Customisation - changing what is stored and how it is presented.

More specialised training can be arranged for users who need to know more than the basics. Examples would be users who want to do their own customisation of ACT! or who need to manage extensive synchronisation networks.


  • Sydney locations (area bounded by Newcastle, Wollongong, Lithgow, Macarthur) or the Central West (area bounded by Oberon, Portland, Bathurst, Orange, Parkes, Forbes, Grenfell, Young, Cowra).
    • $495 (Half day) This is for training of up to four people, not each.
  • Up to two hours flight time (Brisbane, Melbourne, regional New South Wales)
    • $990  plus travel costs. (Full day - two sessions can be conducted during the day, or the extra time can be used for customisation and support)
  • Up to four hours flight time (Adelaide, Hobart, Launceston, Perth, Darwin, Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, anywhere requiring an overnight stay)
    • $1320 plus travel and accommodation costs.
  • Pricing for other places or longer visits will be negotiated on an case-by-case basis.
  • It may be possible in some circumstances to do training using the Internet. Pricing and logistics will be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

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