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Gebesse Computer Consultants offers a variety of options for supporting your computer systems and applications and users (note we do not do hardware support).

Support at your workplace
We can offer on-site assistance, although the client usually has to be somewhere we can get to easily. Of course, if you are in Sacramento or Budapest and are prepared to pay for some Qantas tickets and hotel rooms, we are prepared to be flexible about the territory. On-site support is charged by the hour or day with a minimum charge. You can buy an annual support contract which gets you some hours, a reduced rate for more hours, smaller minimum charge per visit and some telephone and email support.

Telephone and online support
This service provides an alternative to on-site support in cases where it is either impossible or impractical to be on location. As well as telephone support, it may also be possible for us to directly access your computer either over the telephone or over the Internet. Using this method, we can not only fix things, but we can show you how to do things rather than just tell you.

Telephone and email questions
You can purchase a set number of questions which can be submitted by telephone, fax, email, or through the Help Desk. This service is not intended as a substitute for other support services we offer and the questions have to be the sort which can be answered reasonably quickly.

Support plans

You can find details of our support options here

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