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We fully support all the products we sell, and we even help people who buy things from someone else. We also offer support for most of the common PC software products, networks and systems software. You can read about the various support contracts here. Some of our support services are:

  • Make sure that you are talking to an ACT! Certified Consultantpre-paid telephone and email support
  • on-site problem solving
  • software development
  • training
  • help desk services
  • outsourcing of all or part of your PC needs

Much of our work is based on the contact and customer relationship management program ACT!. Gebesse fully supports the ACT! Certified Consultant program so that you can be sure that the person who talks to you about ACT! knows what he is talking about.


Gebesse also offers consulting services to help you make the right decisions before you need support or assistance with problems. Some of the areas where we can help are:

  • needs and requirements analysis
  • selection of hardware and software
  • network design
  • tender preparation and evaluation
  • review of operating procedures
  • strategic planning

Internet and Web

We can build web sites for you and also help with advertising your business on the Internet and the development of marketing strategies which can take your business to the world. You can see more information here.

The People

Gebesse is a small organisation but we can handle large problems because we have strategic alliances with individuals and companies which allow us to put together highly-qualified combinations of people for the projects we undertake.

The company is owned and managed by Peter Bowditch, who has had over 40 years working with computers and their applications to business. You can see his details here.

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