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Site Policies

You might occasionally see brands and products mentioned on this site. Here are the site policies.


The advertisements appearing on this blog are produced by Google’s AdSense system and any income for allowing them to be displayed is recorded as taxable income for Gebesse. I do not have any control over the content of the advertisements, which are generated by Google based on words appearing in the surrounding page and any information Google might have obtained from your previous browsing history on other sites. This can produce the anomalous situation of advertisements which contradict the sentiments expressed in the blog. There’s not much I can do about¬†this except smile at the irony of the fact that some of the money spent buying the ads might go to someone who doesn’t support the advertised products or services.

Product reviews

I will occasionally have reviews of products and services here. These reviews fall into three categories:

  1. Products that I use myself and have paid for with my own money. This will be acknowledged in the review and links will be provided to places where the products can be purchased.
  2. Products supplied for review. I am quite prepared to review any products which I feel are appropriate for my market, that is, things that are associated with information technology or business management and which might be useful to small and medium sized businesses. In all cases the supplier will be identified and the fact that the product was supplied free for review will be acknowledged (including whether it has to be returned). Again, links will be provided to the vendor and any other places where the product can be purchased.
  3. Products that I sell or support. This fact will be clearly stated.

News and PR

If vendors want to cover my costs to attend seminars, conferences, product launches and other promotional events I am quite happy to accept their hospitality and to write about them afterwards. In all cases the vendor generosity will be acknowledged. I am also happy to accept swag like coffee cups and pens that can be confined to my office, but I do not wear clothing with advertising or logos on it in public unless it promotes something I sell. Vendors must be prepared to accept that, as for products supplied for review, giving me something does not guarantee automatic favourable publicity. My job is to provide the best and most useful information to clients and blog visitors, and if I think that something is less than perfect I will say so.