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Things that should be ignored

By now everyone should be aware of “phishing” emails. These are the ones which look like they come from a bank or¬†PayPal or Amazon or some other business¬†and ask you to click on a link to verify details or to get more information. We all know to ignore these and never click on the links. […]

Product review – Supplier-provided disk repair programs.

I recently had what I think is the very first Blue Screen of Death I’ve seen since I started using Windows 7. It was not caused by the operating system, but seemed to result from a problem with the computer’s video hardware. Whatever the fault was, it caused the computer to reboot without warning. As […]

Product review – Eye-Fi card for digital cameras

I have this excellent digital camera. Sure, it’s not your top-of-the-range professional¬†Nikon or Canon DSLR with all the lens options, but it does what I want it for. The only failing it had for me was getting the photographs out to somewhere where I could use them. I had the choice of plugging it into […]

Securing your wireless network

You’ve got a wireless network in your home or office. How do you make sure that the information you have on the network is safe from people who should not have access to it and that others can’t use your network for purposes that you might not like? These are two different problems and have […]

Back to the dumbphone?

I’ve been using smartphones almost since they were invented, which happens to be before the word was invented. I suppose the first real one I had was a Palm Treo 750 which allowed me to replace my PDA (remember them?) and my mobile phone with a single device. It did everything I wanted at the […]

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