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Gebesse Newsletter – June 2014

Books The reason that there have been no Weekly Buzz emails for a few weeks is that I have been busy working on three books. The first is a rerelease of a book I wrote for Choice Books (part of the Australian Consumers Association), published in 1997 (and rumoured to be the best selling non-fiction […]

“How To Connect To The Internet” rereleased.

In 1997 the best selling non-fiction title in Australia was a slim volume from Choice Books (at the Australian Consumers Association) aimed at people who wanted to know what this new thing called “The Internet” was all about. There are still copies in various libraries, but a slightly revised version is now available. As befits […]

Weekly Buzz – May 25, 2014

Nothing next week Unless some big news breaks there will be no Weekly Buzz next week because the Gebesse monthly newsletter will be going out instead. As a large number of those who receive this email are also on the monthly list I don’t want to overload any inboxes. Another week, another password scare If […]

Weekly Buzz – May 18, 2014

Update on ONEseniors Last week I mentioned that ONEseniors, the company providing phone, Internet, and distress alarm services to around 100,000 older people, had closed down leaving its customers stranded. The good news is that Telstra have said that they will pick up the fixed line services for ONEseniors customers. It must have been a […]

Weekly Buzz – May 11, 2014

Dropbox fixes security issue with shared links If you use Dropbox it’s almost certain that you occasionally email people links to files stored there. A security problem was identified which allowed these links to be disclosed to people who are not authorised to access the files. The problem has now been fixed and Dropbox have […]

Weekly Buzz – May 4, 2014

Security problem with Internet Explorer A security issue with Internet Explorer has been identified, affecting several versions of IE. A patch was issued by Microsoft and distributed through Windows Update on May 1. You should immediately run Windows Update, even if you have your machine set to run the update automatically. (You do regularly run […]

Gebesse Newsletter – April 2014

Yes, I’m using Swiftpage. I’m experimenting with using Swiftpage for newsletter distribution. As Act! and Swiftpage are both in the same company now it makes very good sense to use the integration between the two products to communicate with clients, prospects, and friends. The first thing to learn is how to use templates (there are […]

Save me from amateurs.

One of the early posts on this blog was “Beware the SMEG. That’s a winning strategy”, in which I commented about the way that clueless and inexperienced people hold themselves out to be experts. I came across another example this week and my irritation level at what amounts to theft was raised. I don’t spend a lot […]

Let me do things my way, Apple. Please.

I get annoyed by iTunes and have a rant about it on my personal blog.

Should you worry about Windows XP?

On April 8 this year, Microsoft stopped all support for Windows XP and no further updates or security patches will be delivered. A friend of mine runs a business using point-of-sale software (POS) which is operating on several computers still using XP, and the inevitable experts appeared out of the woodwork to tell him he […]

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