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Windows 10

I deliberately held off installing Windows 10 until the official release, and I have now upgraded my Acer laptop from Windows 8.1. My main office computers are running Windows 7 Ultimate and I will upgrade them in the next few weeks. This is what I found. I have tested every program on the computer, with […]

Gebesse Newsletter – September 2014

Swiftpage takes over From October 1, distribution and vendor support for Act! will be performed by Swiftpage directly. ACTCRM have done an excellent job in these roles over the last few years and I will miss the people I have been doing business with, but I’m sure that nothing will change for the worse. Support […]

Product review – Acer Aspire E11 laptop

As I mentioned in the recent update to the article about my mobile office, I had to replace two laptop computers. The machine chosen to replace them was an Acer Aspire E11, model number E3-111-C9AR. The specifications of the machine were rather basic. It’s not my main computer so it doesn’t need to be super […]

Product review – SATA disk case

One aspect of computer security which is often overlooked is what you do with the hard disks in computers which are being scrapped. If you are sending the computer off to an e-waste site and you don’t clean off the hard disk you are allowing anybody with access to the computer to see anything that […]

Product review – Free Stuff Part 1

I’ve got a lot of software on my computers which I paid money for. Sometimes it was a lot of money (Adobe Master Collection, Microsoft Office, …) and sometimes it was a little bit of money (WinZip, Forte Agent, Mailwasher Pro, …). As well as those I also have a lot of software that came […]

Product review – Supplier-provided disk repair programs.

I recently had what I think is the very first Blue Screen of Death I’ve seen since I started using Windows 7. It was not caused by the operating system, but seemed to result from a problem with the computer’s video hardware. Whatever the fault was, it caused the computer to reboot without warning. As […]

Product review – Eye-Fi card for digital cameras

I have this excellent digital camera. Sure, it’s not your top-of-the-range professional Nikon or Canon DSLR with all the lens options, but it does what I want it for. The only failing it had for me was getting the photographs out to somewhere where I could use them. I had the choice of plugging it into […]