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Microsoft Office

Windows 10

I deliberately held off installing Windows 10 until the official release, and I have now upgraded my Acer laptop from Windows 8.1. My main office computers are running Windows 7 Ultimate and I will upgrade them in the next few weeks. This is what I found. I have tested every program on the computer, with […]

Weekly Buzz – September 12, 2014

It’s back The Weekly Buzz is back with your weekly roundup of important IT and business news. It should come out every weekend from now on. The iCloud debacle It would have been hard to miss the stories in the media over the last few days about pictures of naked celebrities being stolen after they […]

Should you worry about Windows XP?

On April 8 this year, Microsoft stopped all support for Windows XP and no further updates or security patches will be delivered. A friend of mine runs a business using point-of-sale software (POS) which is operating on several computers still using XP, and the inevitable experts appeared out of the woodwork to tell him he […]