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Psychological testing

Scratch an employment consultant or someone in HR and the subject of psychological or aptitude testing often comes up. I spent some years at university studying psychology and the way it can be used so this has been a matter of interest to me for some time, especially as it is applied in the management […]

Materiality – saving 0.000001%

My boss came into my office to tell me that an emergency meeting had been called to discuss a problem with the way that the computer system calculated extended prices for a product with very significant sales. I checked the program code and it appeared to be doing the arithmetic correctly, but I would have […]

A Room With A View

The office accommodation was being completely overhauled and a new room was being built to house the computer. As soon as the computer had been moved and settled in, the staff of the IT department were to move into their brand new offices surrounding the glasshouse containing the technology. On one side of the new […]

Beware the SMEG. That’s a winning strategy.

Here’s something I wrote for the Sydney Business Review newspaper in August 1996. Where there’s smoke, there’s smoke! There’s a new gold rush on. We are now seeing carpetbagger, snake oil salesman and holy roller all rolled into one in pursuit of riches. I give you – The Internet Expert. People without email addresses in […]

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