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Save me from amateurs.

One of the early posts on this blog was “Beware the SMEG. That’s a winning strategy”, in which I commented about the way that clueless and inexperienced people hold themselves out to be experts. I came across another example this week and my irritation level at what amounts to theft was raised. I don’t spend a lot […]

Security experts. Right!

Everyone is concerned about the security of corporate data. We all do regular backups (and test that they work and store them in a safe place), we restrict physical access to places where people shouldn’t go, and we all have good password management policies. Don’t we? Here are some stories about security. The secure premises. […]

Sometimes we geriatrics know things

The following observation was made in a Facebook comment responding to someone who had said that her current work at a law firm was related to a course she had done in law school but she had forgotten all about it since she closed the books. At least it isn’t outdated before you even graduate, unlike […]


Anyone who has ever run a business which sells things that can’t be taken back, like consulting time, accounting work or advertising, will occasionally get a customer who decides not to pay. I’ve been very lucky in the 25+ years that I’ve been running my business and have had very few bad debts. Two of […]

Resurrected scammers

In August 2010 I published the following story on my weekly sceptical magazine, The Millenium Project. =================================== Another week, another scam (7/8/2010) I received a fax addressed to my business this week offering to arrange my Yellow Pages listing and, as a bonus, give me a free Google listing. Free submission to Google – how […]

Things that should be ignored

By now everyone should be aware of “phishing” emails. These are the ones which look like they come from a bank or PayPal or Amazon or some other business and ask you to click on a link to verify details or to get more information. We all know to ignore these and never click on the links. […]

How many Ps in Internet Marketing?

This article is based on a presentation I gave to Penrith SWAP on August 22, 2000. Most of it is still relevant today. I was rather disappointed that the speaker who immediately followed me used what I had said to promote a pyramid scheme set up to provide “free” web sites. It was some consolation […]

How to save on tax

Everyone hates paying tax. Of course, we like roads, bridges, railways, schools, hospitals, universities, armies, police, national parks, pensions, drought and flood relief (sometimes both at the same time), fire services and all the other things that taxes pay for. It’s just the tax we hate, and with the end of June coming up fast […]

How not to sell a car

A few years ago I went shopping for a new car. For several years I was a satisfied owner of a Eunos 30X coupe. It was probably the best engineered and built car I had ever owned, and I had had a few cars over many years. When the lease was coming to an end […]

Thoughts about multi-level marketing

When I was taken to court in 2005 by a multi-level marketing company (which was annoyed at my mentioning that the Federal Court of Australia had found them to be operating an illegal pyramid scheme) I had to prepare an extensive affidavit in reply. As part of that affidavit I had to put down some […]

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