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My mobile office

This is a modification of an article first published here on August 7, 2013. The changes were necessary because two computers mentioned in the original story became an example of Murphy’s Law by dying at almost the same time. One developed an intermittent stopping problem and the other received a catastrophic drenching with beer when […]

Gebesse Newsletter – June 2014

Books The reason that there have been no Weekly Buzz emails for a few weeks is that I have been busy working on three books. The first is a rerelease of a book I wrote for Choice Books (part of the Australian Consumers Association), published in 1997 (and rumoured to be the best selling non-fiction […]

“How To Connect To The Internet” rereleased.

In 1997 the best selling non-fiction title in Australia was a slim volume from Choice Books (at the Australian Consumers Association) aimed at people who wanted to know what this new thing called “The Internet” was all about. There are still copies in various libraries, but a slightly revised version is now available. As befits […]

Gebesse Newsletter – May 2014

Act!emarketing There is now a companion product to Swiftpage. It is Act!emarketing, and is available as a plugin to Act! v16 and included in Service Pack 1 (which all users of Act! v16 should have installed by now). There are some differences to the way Swiftpage works and in the features offered. A full comparison […]

Weekly Buzz – May 25, 2014

Nothing next week Unless some big news breaks there will be no Weekly Buzz next week because the Gebesse monthly newsletter will be going out instead. As a large number of those who receive this email are also on the monthly list I don’t want to overload any inboxes. Another week, another password scare If […]

Weekly Buzz – May 18, 2014

Update on ONEseniors Last week I mentioned that ONEseniors, the company providing phone, Internet, and distress alarm services to around 100,000 older people, had closed down leaving its customers stranded. The good news is that Telstra have said that they will pick up the fixed line services for ONEseniors customers. It must have been a […]

Things that should be ignored

By now everyone should be aware of “phishing” emails. These are the ones which look like they come from a bank or PayPal or Amazon or some other business and ask you to click on a link to verify details or to get more information. We all know to ignore these and never click on the links. […]

Securing your wireless network

You’ve got a wireless network in your home or office. How do you make sure that the information you have on the network is safe from people who should not have access to it and that others can’t use your network for purposes that you might not like? These are two different problems and have […]

Back to the dumbphone?

I’ve been using smartphones almost since they were invented, which happens to be before the word was invented. I suppose the first real one I had was a Palm Treo 750 which allowed me to replace my PDA (remember them?) and my mobile phone with a single device. It did everything I wanted at the […]

Bring on the NBN

People keep telling me that the proposed National Broadband Network is a waste of money and we don’t need it because we can get by with the existing copper network and use wireless for everywhere else. (As an aside, the estimated cost of the NBN as a proportion of GDP is about the same as was […]