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Gebesse Newsletter – January 2014

Happy New Year. Let’s get productive. Training special. I often get called in to help with Act! and find that I’m doing something that could quite easily be done by a user but they don’t know that they can do it. I usually find that the user has never had any formal training in how […]

Gebesse Newsletter – September 2013

Gebesse is back and the new Act! v16 is here. Gebesse Computer Consultants is a family business and over the last few years the family has had to come first. Two family members with serious illnesses meant that the business had to take a back seat and be a very part-time business indeed. The crisis […]

Exporting from ACT! to Excel

So you want to get data from your ACT! database into Excel. Here’s how to do it. Note: these instructions are for ACT! 2013; there are minor differences with earlier versions but the principles are the same. The first thing to do is create a lookup of the records you want to export. You can […]

Mail merge with ACT!

One of the ways that ACT! can make your life easier is by automating mailouts to multiple contacts. The first thing you need to do is to create a template for whatever it is you want to send. Remember that if you are using Microsoft Word as your word processor of choice with ACT! you […]

Travelling with ACT!

The talk these days is all about being mobile. Nobody is tied to the office, we all have smartphones, tablets, laptops, and we expect to be able to do our jobs everywhere and anywhere. I gave up paying rent for an office years ago because I was rarely there and even when I was clients […]

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