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This blog is an extension of the web site for Gebesse Computer Consultants.

Gebesse Computer Consultants

Gebesse is a computer consulting company specialising in providing services to small and medium-sized businesses. Our mission is to apply the highest quality products and services towards solving our clients’ business problems, so that our clients can do what they set out in business to do – which is not usually to become computer experts. The company has been operating since October 1987.
The company is operated by Peter Bowditch, who has had over 40 years working with computers and their applications to business.

We work in five broad areas:

  • Hardware – Gebesse is essentially a software and services provider, but we can supply hardware such as laptop computers, printers and networking products.
  • Software – Our main emphasis is on ACT! contact and customer relationship management software, but we can provide software from other suppliers. We also provide training, although we like to specialise in ACT!
  • Support and Advice – Small businesses generally have nobody to turn to for good advice about computers or for help when something goes wrong. We provide support and training to make sure our clients get the most effective and efficient use out of their investments in computer technology. We can supply advice for large organisations, too, and have been involved with tender evaluation and quality control for two of the largest PC procurement programs in our home state of New South Wales.
  • Training– Specifically training in
    • Basic computer skills (coming in 2016)
    • Microsoft Office (coming in 2016)
    • ACT!
  • Internet services – We provide web page creation and maintenance, Internet marketing advice, web site hosting and a range of other services aimed at assisting our clients to use the Internet as an effective business tool and resource.

Our policy is to sell only those products which we use ourselves or which we can confidently support, either through our own skills, training and resources or through competent third parties. It sometimes surprises people when they ask us for prices for certain brands and we say that we don’t have enough faith in what they want to sell it to them, but that’s the way we do business.