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Weekly Buzz – May 4, 2014

Security problem with Internet Explorer
A security issue with Internet Explorer has been identified, affecting several versions of IE. A patch was issued by Microsoft and distributed through Windows Update on May 1. You should immediately run Windows Update, even if you have your machine set to run the update automatically. (You do regularly run Windows Update, don’t you?) If you can’t do the update now you might like to consider using another browser like Firefox or Chrome for the time being. Even though all updates for Windows XP ceased on April 8, Microsoft have graciously agreed to issue an update for that version of Windows.
Click here to see Microsoft’s recommendations to protect yourself

WordPress update
During the week I saw yet another corporate web site built by an amateur using WordPress. As the level of amateurishness was considerable I assume that the software isn’t being updated. The current version of WordPress is 3.9. You should login to your site or blog’s dashboard page and make sure that both WordPress and all plugins are updated to the latest versions. If your site is being managed by someone else, ask them to do it and to assure you that the site will be kept up to date in future.

ACCC releases product safety guide for online businesses
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has released a new publication, A guide for business: Consumer product safety online, that outlines best practice tips for online sellers and marketplaces. “Australian consumers are increasingly looking to online stores to purchase consumer products but the online environment creates some unique product safety challenges and requirements that online suppliers need to be aware of,” ACCC Deputy Chair Dr Michael Schaper said.
You can read the report here.

Your business on Facebook
Have you been told by a Social Media Expert Guru that your business must have a page on Facebook? It might not be as useful as you think, and that’s without the staffing costs of keeping it up to date and monitoring comments. Here are some recent stories:
Facebook Is Reportedly About To Slash Your Page’s Organic Reach Even More
Facebook Stops Letting Pages Automatically Promote Posts
Facebook Is Killing 3 Types Of Content In The News Feed
A Breakup Letter to Facebook from Eat24

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