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Gebesse Newsletter – May 2014

There is now a companion product to Swiftpage. It is Act!emarketing, and is available as a plugin to Act! v16 and included in Service Pack 1 (which all users of Act! v16 should have installed by now). There are some differences to the way Swiftpage works and in the features offered. A full comparison will be here next month (and also on the Gebesse blog and web site).

Act! v16.1 reminder
Everyone with the latest version of Act! should have been advised by now to install Service Pack 1. A Hot Fix has just been released for Act! v16.1. Updates can be downloaded here.

Gebesse will shortly be a reseller for QuoteWerks. This is a system which manages the entire process of preparing and tracking quotes. It is integrated with Act! Opportunities and automates the process of moving through the job stages. There will be more details here next month, but again keep an eye on the Gebesse web site, blog, and Twitter stream for news.

ACT! 6 and Windows 7 and 8
If you insist on using ACT! 6 you will have trouble installing it in Windows 7 or 8. These two blog posts will lead you through the steps you have to take to get it working in the latest operating systems.
Installing ACT! 6 in Windows 7
Installing ACT! 6 in Windows 8

Amateurs and “experts”
I have had some things to say about the lack of expertise shown by some supposed experts. Unfortunately all it takes to become an “expert” in IT is to declare yourself one.
Beware the SMEG. That’s a winning strategy.
Save me from amateurs.
and here’s an article in Forbes magazine dealing with the same thing
Are You Dealing With A Real Expert Or A Fake? 7 Ways To Tell

We like to keep our records up to date, so if you are an ACT! user, please take a minute to complete this survey. The more we know, the better we can meet your needs.

Performance tip – Speeding up Android
Everyone wants everything to run faster. Here’s a tip to make your Android phone or tablet seem faster (and maybe extend your battery life).

The first thing you need to do is put the phone into “Developer mode”. How you do this depends a little on who supplied the phone, because each manufacturer (and sometimes phone company) does things their own way, but if you have Android 4.2 or later you can open up “Settings” then “About phone” and tap seven times on “Build Number”. You should then see “Developer options” under “Settings”. When you are in developer mode, scroll down until you see the following three settings:

  • Window animation scale
  • Transition animation scale
  • Animator scale (my phone says “Animator duration scale”, my Samsung tablet does not have the setting))

These would normally be set to “1x”. Tap each one and change it to “.5x”.

With these settings, changing between apps will be faster and the device will use a little less power when swapping and redrawing the screen.

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