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Gebesse Newsletter – April 2014

Yes, I’m using Swiftpage.

I’m experimenting with using Swiftpage for newsletter distribution. As Act! and Swiftpage are both in the same company now it makes very good sense to use the integration between the two products to communicate with clients, prospects, and friends. The first thing to learn is how to use templates (there are about 400 ready-made ones for various industries and purposes, or you can create your own), so next month’s newsletter might look different to this one.
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Should you worry about Heartbleed?

On April 7 a major security flaw was reported in OpenSSL, the security encryption software that protects a huge majority of Internet and VPN traffic. There was the usual panic, but you need to know if it affected you and what you should do about it.
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Should you worry about Windows XP?

April 8 marked the official end of life for Windows XP and Office 2003, with no more updates coming from Microsoft for these products. If you still use XP you need to think about whether you should upgrade to Windows 8. This should be of particular concern to anyone still using ACT! 6 or earlier.
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Security experts. Right!

Everyone is concerned about the security of corporate data. We all do regular backups (and test that they work and store them in a safe place), we restrict physical access to places where people shouldn’t go, and we all have good password management policies. Don’t we? Here are some stories about security.
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More Blog writing.

I hope to write at least one article a week for the Gebesse Blog. I achieved the average during April, and as well as the three above there was one inspired by a comment on Facebook about how everything becomes useless and out-of-date so quickly in the IT industry. The title was “Sometimes we geriatrics know things” and you can read it here.

Monthly special deals.

The discounts on training and annual support have been extended until the end of May

10% discount on training
10% discount on annual support contracts

Because Windows XP is effectively no more, upgrades from ACT! 6 (or earlier) to Act! v16 will be discounted by 10% for both software and labour until the end of May.

Coming soon
The promised weekly email updating news in the technology world is scheduled to start on the weekend of May 3 and 4. It will initially be sent to everyone receiving this monthly client newsletter, but of course you will be able to opt out at any time.If everything goes well, it will be followed a week later by a weekly podcast, which will be available on iTunes (for free).

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