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May, 2012

Back to the dumbphone?

I’ve been using smartphones almost since they were invented, which happens to be before the word was invented. I suppose the first real one I had was a Palm Treo 750 which allowed me to replace my PDA (remember them?) and my mobile phone with a single device. It did everything I wanted at the […]

How not to sell a car

A few years ago I went shopping for a new car. For several years I was a satisfied owner of a Eunos 30X coupe. It was probably the best engineered and built car I had ever owned, and I had had a few cars over many years. When the lease was coming to an end […]

Thoughts about multi-level marketing

When I was taken to court in 2005 by a multi-level marketing company (which was annoyed at my mentioning that the Federal Court of Australia had found them to be operating an illegal pyramid scheme) I had to prepare an extensive affidavit in reply. As part of that affidavit I had to put down some […]

Psychological testing

Scratch an employment consultant or someone in HR and the subject of psychological or aptitude testing often comes up. I spent some years at university studying psychology and the way it can be used so this has been a matter of interest to me for some time, especially as it is applied in the management […]

Materiality – saving 0.000001%

My boss came into my office to tell me that an emergency meeting had been called to discuss a problem with the way that the computer system calculated extended prices for a product with very significant sales. I checked the program code and it appeared to be doing the arithmetic correctly, but I would have […]