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April, 2012

A Room With A View

The office accommodation was being completely overhauled and a new room was being built to house the computer. As soon as the computer had been moved and settled in, the staff of the IT department were to move into their brand new offices surrounding the glasshouse containing the technology. On one side of the new […]

Intimidation by morons. But it doesn’t work.

If you have a presence on the Internet that has even the remotest possibility of offending or upsetting people you can expect anonymous attacks. Here is what I have to say on the “About this site” page of The Millenium Project: The use of anonymising services to send email tells me three things about the […]

Beware the SMEG. That’s a winning strategy.

Here’s something I wrote for the Sydney Business Review newspaper in August 1996. Where there’s smoke, there’s smoke! There’s a new gold rush on. We are now seeing carpetbagger, snake oil salesman and holy roller all rolled into one in pursuit of riches. I give you – The Internet Expert. People without email addresses in […]

Bring on the NBN

People keep telling me that the proposed National Broadband Network is a waste of money and we don’t need it because we can get by with the existing copper network and use wireless for everywhere else. (As an aside, the estimated cost of the NBN as a proportion of GDP¬†is about the same as was […]

Dealing with YouTube

I received the following email from YouTube. It was not sent to the email address I had registered with YouTube (one that I actually check daily) but to a Gmail address that apparently is the only way that anybody connected to Google talks to users. Dear ratbaggery, We have disabled the following material as a […]


Welcome to the blog for actSMARTer and Gebesse Computer Consultants. This is an extension to the regular web sites for these organisations and allows a more lively and interactive relationship with site visitors than a static site can provide. Look here for discussions of news related to ACT! by Sage and the other products and […]